facilitationFacilitating Effective Solutions

Creative Exchange specialises in facilitating groups of 3 to 300 people using creativity, dynamism and good humour.  Through the design of lively and engaging processes which focus on the results required by the group or organisation, the outcomes become embedded in the commitment and action of the participants.

Simple, clear, professional facilitation can dramatically improve the progress, content, engagement and results of any meeting.

Process design and delivery
Thinking beyond the Agenda to the process that will get the best results, Creative Exchange can transform meetings and motivation.

Designing focus group formats and dialogue encounters to elicit meaningful insights from your users and customers.

Working with a broad range of different constituencies to identify ways forward.  For example:  Working with Young People and Policy Makers.

Partnership brokering 
Using over 20 years experience of working across all sectors, Creative Exchange can add insight and knowledge to its independence as a broker for multi-agency collaborations.

Independent chairing
Any mixed group – departments, staff levels, bodies or organisations – can be affected by power politics and hidden agendas. Creative Exchange provides highly skilled, Independent, facilitative chairing.

“Many thanks for all your hard work during the sandpit. Due to some negative past experience, I am always wary of facilitators. To be honest very often I feel they just waste everyone’s time and get on everyone’s nerves. With you it was the opposite. You were fantastic.”
Professor Fabio Ciravegna, Director of Research & Innovation in the Digital World, The University of Sheffield